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A night out with friends is the first thing many people cut out of the budget when finances get tight. And when you want to stay home, you can always enjoy a great cocktails or two, and there’s no need to spend a fortune stocking your home bar.With only a few essentials and a little preparation, you can enjoy an excellent range of simple cocktails. It can even surprise you that some of the cheapest cocktails are among the most popular drinks at the bar. Each can also be customized to suit the products you have on hand and avoid an extra trip to the liquor store. Below is the list of 10 cocktails you cane make by yourself. CHECK OUT.


Cape Codder Cocktails

cranberry, cocktail, cape codder, cape cod, vodka, drinks
Cranberry Cape Codder Cocktail

Call it a vodka cranberry or a Cape Codder, either way, it’s an easy, tasty drink. All you need is cranberry juice and a carefully selected cheap bottle of vodka. If you feel like getting fancy, shake the pair and serve it “up” for a cantina.
Building on the basis, you can add only one more juice to make another refreshing mixed drink. For instance, add pineapple juice, and you have a bay breeze, orange juice creates madras, and grapefruit juice transforms it into a sea breeze.

Margarita Cocktails

blood orange, cocktail, margarita, vodka, drinks, rum
Blood Orange Margarita

The margarita is a straightforward cocktail of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice.
Although it is better with top-shelf spirits, there are good budget-friendly options that make an excellent drink, mainly if you use fresh lime. There’s no way to get annoyed with a margarita either! Shake it, mix it, or toss in some spice. A bottle of tequila offers many options, and there are several other margarita recipes.

Daiquiri Cocktails

daiquiri cocktail, cocktail, daiquiri, vodka, drinks, rum
Daiquiri Cocktail

The daiquiri is as versatile as a margarita. Rum is also much cheaper, and this recipe includes lime juice and simple syrup. Stick with the initial cocktail or diversify your drinking experience with any flavor you can imagine.
The strawberry daiquiri is love, and both fresh or frozen berries will do. Toss a banana in the blender; also, you have a banana daiquiri. You can also add fruit and herbal flavors to the syrup and make some exciting blends like the rhubarb-rosemary daiquiri.

Black Russian Cocktails

Black Russian Cocktail,  cocktail, black russian, vodka, drinks, rum
Black Russian Cocktail

Simple and tasty, the black Russian is one of the best drinks for a tight budget. Be sure to search your liquor store for coffee liqueurs that are cheaper than Kahlua.
With a few extras at hand, you can make any amount of vodka cocktails. Add milk, and you become a white Russian or use Irish cream for a mudslide. Top it with club soda for a Smith also Wesson or cola for Colorado bulldog.

Lemon Drop Martini Cocktails

Lemon Drop Martini, cocktail, lemon drop
Lemon Drop Martini

Vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup combine for an elegant and low-cost cocktail. The zing of a freshly-made lemon drop martini is an absolute joy. The syrup is nothing more extra than sugar plus water, so it requires only cents to create. Use the lilac lemon drop martini recipe as inspiration for infusing it with flavor and enjoy a whole new world of vodka martinis that tastes just as good as those expensive cocktails.

Highball Cocktails

cranberry, ice rosemary, highball, cocktail
Cranberry with ice Rosemary highball

Pick up a six-pack of ginger ale, grab a bottle of bourbon, and then mix up the “highball” of all highballs. You’re watching at $20 or fewer, depending on your whiskey of preference. When the budget is set, that sounds much good for a week’s quality of drinking! Tall drinks preserve much money because they need longer time to drink. Switching the soda or liquor makes a bunch of trendy mixed drinks, too. For example, the Presbyterian continues club soda for additional sparkle outwardly additional sweetness.

Gin Rickey Cocktails

Gin rickey, cocktail
Gin Rickey

The Gin Rickey is a primary gin drink with the tart aftertaste of lime. One way to save money in the bar is to invest in a soda maker or siphon and a few CO2 cartridges so you can avoid purchasing individual bottles of soda.
A well-stocked bar and a little soda will take you from the rickey to many other beverages, including the nonalcoholic lime rickey and the whiskey fizz, which favors lemon juice. Another choice is to explore the famous collins family of drinks, which can be made with gin, bourbon, vodka, or nearly any liquor.

Gin and Tonic Cocktails

gin and tonic, cocktail
Gin and Tonic Cocktail

A favorite for many drinkers, the gin and tonic can be as inexpensive or extravagant as you want to make it. You will find some decent gins for about $15, and a six-pack of tiny tonic water bottles costs only a few bucks.
With tonic, you can make a great range of drinks. An easy option is the vodka tonic, but the leprechaun proves that whisky works, too. Add a flavored syrup shot like the one used in the strawberry gin and tonic, or pour a random fruit juice. Just look in the fridge and see what you have to deal with!

Rum and Coke Cocktails

rum, cola, cocktails
Rum and Cola

Rum is one of the least expensive spirits, making rum and Coke one of the best drinks you can mix up. Pair a $10 bottle of rum with a liter of off-brand cola, and you have a cocktail that’s delicious and quick on the pocket.
With those two ingredients, you can mix it up a bit. The most straightforward variation is the Cuba Libre, which adds fresh lime. Lizard’s lounge adds a shot of amaretto, while the lime cola retains the rum for an old-fashioned soda fountain cocktail.

Kir Cocktails

kir, alcoholic, cocktail
Alcoholic Kir

Spruce up a low-cost bottle of wine with basic wine cocktails. One delightful solution is the kir cocktail, in which an equally inexpensive bottle of crème de cassis adds a bit of flavor and sweetness to a dry white wine. If you arrive to have red wine, use the cassis to create a cardinal cocktail.


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